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Gilson liquid handling tools deliver the precise control you need for sample and reagent volume transfers, ensuring reproducible results, while making life in the lab easier. Beginning with the legendary PIPETMAN® technology, our liquid handling tools have evolved with your needs. Ergonomically, designed with scientists like you in mind, we offer durable solutions from manual, single channel units to completely automated liquid handling systems.

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Run Your qPCR Protocols More Efficiently with PIPETMAX®

Laboratory automation facilitates scientific reproducibility, which is a significant challenge our industry currently faces, especially when it comes to sensitive analytical methods like qPCR. In this case study, Synthace compares the qPCR results from three different automated liquid handlers, run with their cloud-based platform, Antha. The small footprint and ability to quickly run protocols, compared to the other liquid handlers, make PIPETMAX an ideal, cost-effective solution to integrate into your qPCR workflows without sacrificing results.

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Pipetting Viscous, Volatile, or Highly Contaminated Liquids? No Problem.

When confronted with viscous, volatile, highly contaminated, hot, or cold liquid samples, reach for the MICROMAN® E positive displacement pipettes. The ergonomically designed MICROMAN E coupled with the capillary piston tips work like a syringe so that your pipetting accuracy and your results are not affected by a sample’s properties. And further boost your confidence in your results with the volume-lock switch that decreases accidental volume adjustment.

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Maximize Reproducibility of Your Biological Sample Prep

Meet PIPETMAX®, the easy-to-use, affordable, automated liquid handling platform that is ideally suited to tackle biological sample preparation and assays. With PIPETMAN inside, you can trust your pipetting to be reliable and consistent—plate to plate, lot to lot, time after time. The easily customizable PIPETMAX lets you use any reagent or protocol and frees you from tedious pipetting, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

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A Proven Leader in Liquid Handling Systems

With more than 65 years in the industry, we've worked hard to develop, test, and improve our liquid handling systems based on your needs, ensuring the reliability of your results. In 2019, our dedication to our liquid handling tools and systems was rewarded with a Bioz Stars All Star Award in the category of Liquid Handlers.

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Increase Productivity Without Sacrificing Comfort

Now you can reliably pipette longer without fatigue using the lightweight PIPETMAN L. With its modernized design and state-of-the-art piston mechanism, the PIPETMAN L meets your desire for accuracy and precision, along with improved comfort. Plus, you gain even more confidence in your in your pipetting tasks with the patented volume-locking system that reduces accidental volume changes. Choose from a variety of single or multichannel models, all fully autoclavable.

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